1031 Placement Services

Streamline Your 1031 Exchange with PETRA

PETRA offers specialized 1031 Placement Services to investors looking to maximize the benefits of tax-deferred exchanges while making informed, strategic real estate decisions. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the process and assist you in finding suitable like-kind replacement properties.

Why Choose 1031 Placement?

1031 placement services offer investors numerous financial advantages, including:

Tax-Deferred Gains

Defer capital gains taxes, allowing you to invest the full proceeds from the sale of your property into new assets.


Exchange into different property types to diversify your real estate portfolio and spread risk.

Portfolio Expansion

Accelerate the growth of your real estate portfolio by reinvesting in higher-value properties

Estate Planning

Incorporate 1031 exchanges into your estate and wealth management strategies for future planning.   

Why Choose PETRA for 1031 Placement?

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every investor's needs are unique. PETRA provides customized 1031 placement solutions designed to align with your specific investment objectives.

Vast Property Network

Our extensive network and market expertise give you access to a wide range of like-kind replacement properties, allowing you to diversify your real estate portfolio.

Expert Support

With PETRA, you benefit from the expertise of our professionals who have a deep understanding of 1031 exchanges, ensuring a seamless transaction.

End-to-End Assistance

From property identification to closing, our team manages the entire process, simplifying the complexities of 1031 exchanges.

The 1031 Placement Process


Our experts conduct an in-depth consultation to identify your investment goals and help you select the properties you intend to relinquish and acquire.

Property Search

PETRA's team will assist you in identifying like-kind replacement properties that meet the IRS guidelines for 1031 exchanges.

Due Diligence

We perform comprehensive due diligence to ensure that your selected replacement properties align with your investment objectives and meet the necessary criteria.

Transaction Coordination

We coordinate with intermediaries and all other involved parties to facilitate a smooth exchange process.


PETRA handles all aspects of the closing process to ensure a successful transition from the relinquished property to the replacement property.


By adhering to IRS 1031 exchange regulations, you can defer capital gains taxes and make the most of reinvesting in new, tax-advantaged properties.

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