Unlock Lucrative Investment Opportunities with PETRA


Seizing Opportunities in a Changing Real Estate Landscape

The real estate market underwent a transformation as the Federal Reserve initiated a series of rapid interest rate hikes. These shifts, combined with overpriced assets and heavily leveraged developments often reliant on short-term debt structures, have given rise to an emerging buying opportunity.

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Favorable Market Conditions

A staggering $447.42 billions of commercial mortgages are set to mature this years, with an additional $486.24 billion soon to follow, primarily held by banks. However, traditional lenders are increasingly reducing leverage ratios or halting lending altogether due to rising interest rates, creating potential investment opportunities in a changing market environment.


Unique Investment Opportunities

The fallout from the pandemic, historically low borrowing rates, and the prevalence of short-term interest-only borrowing have all contributed to the emergence of unique investment opportunities. Combined with strategic refinancing, these conditions create a compelling landscape for potential investors looking to maximize returns and minimize risk.

Why Choose PETRA?

Proactive Micro-Level Analysis

In the dynamic world of real estate, macro-level trends can be unpredictable. PETRA focuses on precise micro-level analysis of individual assets, allowing us to form partnerships ahead of time and act swiftly on promising opportunities.

Embracing Unconventional Criteria

PETRA embraces proprietary investment criteria, positioning us uniquely in the market to uncover promising opportunities

Proactive Market Entry

Our goal is to establish pre-vetted relationships with clearly understood investment targets, enabling us to proactively enter the market.

This approach enables us to identify and nurture investments that have the potential to provide enduring value, even in the face of unpredictable macro-level trends.


Asset Strategy:

 Ideal asset size ranges between $5 million and $50 million, providing both scalability and opportunities for inefficiencies in ownership that can still yield significant value.

  • Primary Target markets: Texas, Florida, and Kansas City.
  • Target asset types: LIHTC and Affordable Programs, Multifamily, industrial, and retail properties, medical offices
  • Existing assets with cashflow and calculable upside, new capital, redevelopment, or management operations.
  • Collaborating with 501(c)(3) organizations to expand their real estate assets in support of their mission.

Choose Your Investment Path with PETRA


PETRA Protect:

The PETRA Protect “buy and hold” program is designed to outpace annuities and. Other retirement products. This allows you to protect your nest egg while receiving the maximum income needed to maintain your desired lifestyle.

What is it : Designed to outplace annuities and other retirement products to provide maximum income

Who is it for : Pre-retirees, retirees, and/or their retirement accounts looking for maximum incomes without the ups and downs of direct real estate ownership

Minimum Equity /investment : $100,000

Return Structure : Fixed income stream of 6-7% without principal reduction as annuity would

Timeline for Contribution : Open Anytime

IRR : 6-7%

Sourced From IRA/401k : Yes


PETRA Tailored Growth:

PETRA Tailored Growth can maximize and grow your capital with no set time limit and at a higher rate than traditional stock market. We focus on joint venture investment in fast growing Midwest cities and the sunbelt.

What is it : Professionally managed portfolio of value-add residential multifamily and commercial assets that grants investment diversification

Who is it for : People looking to grow capital and receive beneficial tax pass throughs

Minimum Equity /investment : $100,000

Return Structure : Investor receives 100% return on initial investment and splits balance with PETRA

Timeline for Contribution : Open Anytime

IRR : 12-15%

Sourced From IRA/401k : Yes


PETRA Syndication:

Combo of both PETRA Protect and Tailored Growth for those wanting the benefits of direct real estate owner show with some cash flow.

What is it : Individual deal with specific return parameters

Who is it for : People looking for real estate diversification and enough capital to invest in multiple deals

Minimum Equity /investment : $100,000

Return Structure : Varies by project

Timeline for Contribution : 1-2 deals/quarter

IRR : 10-20% / 4-7%

Sourced From IRA/401k : Yes

Ready to take control of your financial destiny? Contact our dedicated experts at PETRA today to learn more about how our investment programs can help you achieve your financial dreams.