About Us

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Who We Are

PETRA is your premier commercial real estate service provider. Our core values of honesty, transparency, and ethical business practices serve as the cornerstone of our services.

With a wealth of industry experience and a robust network of trusted professionals, we offer expert guidance and tailored solutions that cater to your distinct needs. At PETRA , we take great pride in our stellar track record of delivering measurable results and in our commitment to fostering enduring, service-focused relationships founded on trust and mutual success. When you partner with PETRA, you're choosing a dedicated service team committed to your financial well-being.


Our Mission

At PETRA, our mission is to help people through their real estate journey while upholding our core values of integrity, excellence, and unwavering commitment.

We recognize that financial prosperity can be a catalyst for progress, allowing us to help you establish new businesses, support the community, and secure your family's future.

We hold true to the power of a promise and the value of a handshake. We strive to earn and maintain your trust and respect through our tireless efforts to deliver outstanding results that exceed mere financial growth. At PETRA, we are in it for the long term. We understand that true value lies in fostering a relationship founded on trust and honesty, one that extends far beyond real estate investment alone.


Our Strong Values

Excellence. Accountability. Trust. Strategic

At PETRA, our values - strategic thinking, trust, accountability, and excellence - guide every interaction and service we provide.

We're committed to strategic thinking, offering precise solutions tailored to your unique goals.

Trust is at our core. We're reliable, consistent, and uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Accountability is our promise. We take responsibility for your success.

Excellence is our standard. We aim for top-tier quality and superior results in everything we do.

Our Team


Noah Swank

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer


Andy Asher

Chief Operating Officer


Tylan Dyer

Chief Development Officer


George B. Stacy

Sr. Vice President of Construction Management


Jeff Ridolfi

Vice President, Operations Analyst

Gene Ventura

Gene Ventura

Senior Managing Director, Investments


Amit Bhushan

Managing Director, Investor Relations

Tyler Burks

Tyler Burks

Managing Director, Development


Jim Genis

Managing Director, Acquisitions

Cadin Limon

Cadin Limon

Managing Director, Syndications


Toby Harrison

Risk Officer


Brett Gehrer

Commercial Real Estate Agent


Tommy Bateman

Multifamily Property Management Leader

Lynne Lowder

Lynne Lowder

Commercial Property Management Leader


James Jost

Strategic Relationships

Chris Hiebert

Chris Hiebert

Investor Relations

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